About Ajour

The publishing house, Ajour, is owned by the Danish School of Media and Journalism.
The school is located in Aarhus and Copenhagen while the publishing house is located in Aarhus.

Publishing House

From modest beginnings, Ajour has developed over the past 10-12 years to publishing today 10-15 books annually within its core areas. It has also developed its repertoire from educational textbooks on journalism to also becoming a source of inspiration and debate in the profession and in the branch – and further to becoming involved in the profession’s situation, problems and opportunities in a democracy.
We buy rights to books published abroad which we think should be published in Danish. We also import books in their original language, within our area of interest, from a large part of the world.


We established a net-bookshop almost 10 years ago which has become a significant bookshop within our interest area. Besides our own books, we offer books from other Danish publishers which publish individual books of interest to us. We also import books, including photographic books, from Europe and the USA.